Coming from a health and human service background, redoing my resume to fit the technical world seemed daunting.

Writing a resume in general can be a tedious and frustrating task. Making sure you have all of the necessary information, enough detail, but keeping it to one page is quite the balancing act! I am lucky enough to have a career coach at Flatiron to look over my resume and send me helpful resources.

One of the main reasons I chose Flatiron for my coding bootcamp is because of the help they provide after you graduate. Getting through the bootcamp and finding a job is as overwhelming as it feels! Having guidance from someone who has helped hundreds of grads find jobs is a sigh of relief.

Though the technical resume is much different from what I am used to, I am thankful for the resources Flatiron offers.

Reduce(r), Redux, Recycle!

What is Redux?: Redux is what helps programmers manage and update the application’s state. Redux has a store for state that allows the entire application to have access to it.

Why do we use Redux?:

  • When you have a large application that all needs access to state

Overview: In React there are two ways of writing a component, a functional component and a class component. Both are extremely important to understand to properly create a React App.

Functional Component: A functional component takes in props and can return JSX. In a functional component you cannot use state…

Switching from writing Ruby on Rails to JavaScript has been extremely challenging. Though many of the concepts are similar, the syntax is very different. Connecting the front-end of the application and the back-end of the application really tests your knowledge and understanding of both languages.

I definitely struggled (still am!)…

An ActiveRecord Scope Method is a method that helps keep the code D.R.Y and organized. It’s a way to find certain information needed in a timely manner. Using a scope method allows developers to use queries which can be used as methods to call on objects or models.

To use…

When writing RESTful routes, you should feel just that, restful.

RESTful routes provide a convention for developers. It is essentially the design pattern for programmers to manipulate data and make it nicer for users to interact with.

RESTful routes provide the mapping between the get, post, delete, and patch verbs…

I quickly realized as I dove into my first project that setting up my folders and files was going to be half the battle. Sure, I know how to create and save new folders/files in Visual Studio Code but do I fully understand what those files are doing and how…

Hi, I’m Amelia!

Originally from Michigan, I ended up moving to Denver for four years to finish my undergraduate degree. A few months ago I just moved back to the mitten state! My first loves include skiing, hiking, yoga, and anime.

I could have never imagined myself getting into computer…

Amelia Haba

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